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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Come Out of Her

"Just then I heard another shout out of Heaven: 'Get out, my people, as fast as you can, so you don't get mixed up in her sins, so you don't get caught in her doom. Her sins stink to high Heaven; God has remembered every evil she's done.' " (Revelation 18:4,5 - The Message)

John hears another voice from heaven. He does not tell us whose voice it was. The context would suggest that it is the voice of Jesus.

God's people are called upon to remove themselves from the city of Babylon. This call is a warning for those who will live during the Tribulation to avoid compromise with the government, system and religion of the Anti-Christ. Its application, however, extends to all Christians who live at any time. We are to avoid becoming a part of the worldly and immoral society in which we live.

Those Christians who compromise or ignore the social evils of their society will soon fall victim to the sins around them. Their morals will slip and soon they will be in bondage to sinful habits that will greatly limit their ability to serve God. Such things may destroy their testimony and even their lives. “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins!”

Jesus warns that those who ignore his warning face the same destruction as is reserved for this city. Lot and his family suffered because they were living in Sodom when God destroyed it. They lost all their possessions. Lot's wife lost her life. It is dangerous to continue a love affair with the things of the world.

People may think that God does not see their sinful ways. They may think that judgment and eternal punishment are outdated concepts. They may continue in wickedness for a long time. But God sees. He remembers. And his wrath will fall upon this world. It is certain. We should not doubt it.


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